The Trend That Bankrupted Many American Bakeries

Are you aware that bakeries in The United States experienced among the toughest economic periods during the early to mid 2000’s? Many people don’t actually, they are surprised to discover this because individuals years were booming for a lot of all of those other economy. But it is true – the first to middle thing about this decade saw many, many bakeries struggle to create a profit. Within the finish, most of them finished up closing their doorways permanently prior to the debacle was throughout. Skillfully developed think that between 10 and 20 % of bakeries in the usa failed within this period.

Why did this happen? Due to one man – Robert Atkins. In the event that name does not sounds familiar, remember 2002 or 2003…and the number of of the buddies, relatives and acquaintances were on atkins. Recall the Atkins craze – our prime protein diet that practically banned all carbohydrates? In those days it appeared as though 1 / 2 of the adults within the U . s . States were onto it. Everyone was going several weeks without eating bread, buns, cake, cookies, or other things created using flour and sugar. Also it was the sheer number of individuals who got distracted by atkins fad that put this type of financial stress on bakeries.

Finally, though, many people found their senses. Based on many doctors and nutritionists, atkins is extremely unhealthy, and also the message appears to possess sunk in. It’s rare to satisfy anybody nowadays who’s following a diet. Even though you’ll still visit a couple of restaurants having a special Atkins menu, the amount gets smaller sized and smaller sized constantly. The majority of the ones that also feature an Atkins menu only achieve this simply because they haven’t become around to ordering new menus yet. And thankfully, since countless Americans aren’t getting one pound of the bacon in the morning, two hamburgers (contain the bun) for supper, along with a giant steak for supper, bakeries are once more to being lucrative companies. Let us hope it stays this way!