The Sacred Temple Dinner

The Raffles Grand Hotel D’ Angkor in Siem Reap has lately introduced a unique dinner promotion because of its visitors, entitled “The Sacred Temple Dinner”. It requires you within the Angkor Archaeological Park that is located a brief drive from the hotel. The elaborate dinners are often organized at either Prasat Kravan or Wat Thommanon both that are located within the park. The place is selected with respect to the availability and authorization.

A Cambodian orchestra playing traditional instruments and Apsara dancers serenade the diners because they enjoy their meal as well as their surroundings. Apsara dancers dance within the traditional Khmer style and therefore are sometimes known as Royal Ballet Dancers of Khmer. These dancers use a number of stylized movements and gesticulations to mime a tale, often a historic saga. The dancers put on elaborately designed costumes made from silk and heavily labored with silver and gold. Additionally they put on large chunky bits of jewellery on their own hands and ft, whilst donning large intricately detailed headdresses. The style of the headdress mainly is determined by the type the dancer should really illustrate. A western string quartet may also perform later on along with a cultural show, an elephant parade along with a fireworks display will also be within the agenda.

The Angkor Archaeological Park in which the dinner is organized is among the most significant historic sites in Asia it stretches over 400 square kilometers and possesses the planet famous Angkor Temple. While the majority of the temples owed towards the earlier period fit in with Hinduism, a few of the latter ones were built-in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition.

The 2 temples that host the dinners fit in with the second period and therefore are thus dedicated to the Buddhist belief. Areas may also be organized with prior permission being acquired in the hotel Wat Atvea is sparingly used for this function. Special lighting techniques are utilized to illuminate the ruins inside a faint reddish glow and to produce a romantic ambiance for that visitors.