How To Maintain Your Office Coffee Machine

Nothing can be refreshing as a warm and delicious cup of good coffee. Obviously, most coffee lovers would agree to this. Especially for those who cannot start their day in the right way. Whether you’re doing housework or dealing with difficult work situations, you already know that good coffee has a physical and psychological impact on the mind allowing it to stay alert and active.

This is another reason why corporate organizations have installed a personal coffee machine in their facilities, so their employees have the necessary peace of mind to be productive. Those responsible for maintaining office equipment must always be careful to make sure that the coffee machine is brewing and alive. The following are some office coffee machine maintenance tips that can easily be implemented in your everyday work.

#1: Cleaning after each use
Irrespective of it being an automatic machine having self-coffee machine cleaning is necessary. By just clicking a button, it gets cleaned up constantly. Different machines types have their methods for cleaning. Prior to cleaning, read the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual carefully. Regardless of the method used for daily cleaning, care must be taken to avoid blockages in the dispensers.

#2: Avoid moisture
The office coffee machine works on electricity, thus keeping or placing it close to any water source can cause or generate serious problems that could lead to electric shock and even death. The use of the buttons with undried hands should be strictly avoided because you never know how the coffee machine may react to moisture which may end up creating an accident in your facilities.

#3: Clean the outer surface
Accumulated dust on the outside may be due to poor hygiene. Cleaning the parts with a clean, and moist cloth at the close of day, as well as at the beginning of the day, will assist you in developing cleanliness when other employees and staffs come to get a cup of freshly prepared coffee. No one would like to testify to the horrible sight of dust on the coffee, or at worse, having your clients or guests served with this dusty coffee.

#4: Call coffee experts if necessary
​​This is a machine and you may experience unexpected operating problems. Avoid using DIY tips and be sure to call experts like Kafexpress office coffee to repair the vending or espresso coffee machine. These are professionals experienced and trained in managing complex coffee machine systems.