Finding a Caterer for Your Wedding

While the food should not be the main focus of your wedding, it is silly to think that it is not an important part of your big day. When you and your significant other are planning your wedding, as soon as you set a date, it is very important to begin your search for a caterer so you can be sure that they are able to bring your dreams to life in regards to the food that you serve, and that they will be able to meet any of your dietary needs. Understanding how to set an appointment with a potential caterer as well as what questions to ask will improve your chances of finding the right person quickly so you do not spend a lot of time trying to complete this task.

Try to Schedule Appoints and Tastings at the Same Time

While many couples schedule an appointment to first meet a caterer, talk to them about their needs, and get to know them a little bit to see if they will be a good fit for the job and then come back at a later time for a food tasting, this actually wastes a lot of time. When you call to make an appointment with a potential caterer, it’s a good idea to ask them if you can complete a tasting as a part of the interview. This will ensure that you are not wasting your time at an interview and will also keep you from having to come back a second time to meet with the caterer again.

Check Their References

Any reliable caterer is going to be happy to give you references so that you can talk to some of their past clients to learn more about their catering style and personality, as well as whether not they are able to deliver the delicious food that they promise. Many couples simply take this information and assume that since the caterer was so happy to hand the information over that everything will be fine if they call the references. This is unfortunate, as there may be disgruntled clients who would be happy to talk to you about problems they had with the caterer. It’s only by reaching out to past clients that you are able to find out all of the relevant information about a caterer in York.

It it’s also important to consider your budget when looking for a caterer, as some caterers are simply too expensive for people to afford, no matter how amazing their service or food is. By being upfront with a potential caterer about what you are able to afford, you can avoid awkward situations and make sure that you stay in line with your wedding budget so you do not have to cut money elsewhere. An appointment with your caterer will provide you plenty of time to talk about your needs and desires for your wedding.