Enjoy An Unparalleled Gastronomical Experience At Quebec Sugar Shacks!

Quebec is known for its maple syrup, or the golden syrup as the locals call it. After the sap from maple tree is collected, springtime is all about boiling the sap to get maple syrup, which is known as the sugaring-off ritual. A sugar shack, also called cabane à sucre in French, is where all of this happens. Traditional sugar shacks are now semi-commercialized, so you can go one of these places and enjoy traditional Quebec cuisine at its best. The experience of visiting a cabane à sucre Richelieu cannot be defined without mentioning food, and in this post, we are talking of this gastronomical experience that you cannot afford to miss.

An elaborate main course

In case you have never visited a sugar shack, you would be rather surprised to find long tables that can probably fit more than forty people at a time. The meals are all about tradition, and that’s exactly what people want to experience in the first place. Conventionally, all meals of sugar shacks start with what is called a pea soup. Expect a big bowl for your serving. This is then followed by a homemade spread, which usually includes baked beans and potatoes, fresh bread, pork rinds, and ham. Spread also includes Cretons, which is made of pork fat, and tourtière, which is famed meat pie from Quebec. Don’t be surprised to find that people drizzle golden syrup on almost everything, and yes, eggs, usually scrambled are a part of the menu.

Desserts worth drooling

Sugar shacks are known for maple-based desserts and rightfully so. The fresh sugar pie is usually the most fantastic thing on the menu, and depending on the day, you can also have pancakes and maple donuts. Shacks usually change their menu every other day, so you won’t regret coming back to the same place more than once.

Indulge in the maple taffy ritual

Most sugar shack meals end with maple taffy on the snow. This is a simple ritual, where warm syrup is poured on snow, and as it cools down, guests have sticks, so that they can make their own popsicles. This is a really nice experience, and yes, you can have as many maple taffies as you want.

Quebec is known for many things for sure, but a visit to one of the sugar shacks is something we recommend, especially when you are here with family and friends.