Why Using Cloth Linen Improves The Dining Experience

When going out to dine at a nice restaurant, we all enjoy the experience because it is nothing like eating at home. The restaurant looks great and the atmosphere is very comfortable. The difference between a regular restaurant and a good restaurant can be seen immediately when you look at how they set out their tables. If there is table linen present like a tablecloth or napkins, then you know that this establishment wants to create an elegant feel. A paper napkin just isn’t the same and it takes away from the eating experience. Using cloth linen in your restaurant is the way to go and here are some other great benefits of using cloth linen.

  1. Makes The Food Better – As you know, when you enter a restaurant and sit down at the table, the presence of cloth tablecloths and napkins makes the food taste better. We are always reminded that when customers enter an eating establishment they begin to eat using their eyes first. A dining experience isn’t just about the taste of the food, it is about the ambience and the setting. We have all heard the expression, ‘your eyes are bigger than your belly’ and this explains why the best chefs spend a great deal of time not only cooking the food, but making it look good as well. Diners notice when you have cloth tablecloths and napkins and they state that food tastes better when they are present. Paper table clothes and napkins fall far short.
  1. Looks Fantastic – There isn’t a lot that you can do with a paper napkin, but with a cloth one, the ideas are endless. A paper napkin can be folded in half and maybe wrapped around the cutlery but a cloth napkin allows you to create many different shapes like swans, fans and many others. If you can find an external company with the right hotel linen supplies, then your tablecloths can have clean, crisp edges that look and feel great. The cloth napkins will smell fantastic and the overall dining experience is vastly improved. You can set the table in your restaurant differently everyday with the various folds you can do with cloth.
  1. Environmentally Friendly – When you replace your paper napkins and tablecloths with cloth ones, then you are not only making your customers dining experience better but you are also doing your bit for the environment. Everyone knows the problems with cutting down trees to make paper and anything that can be done to reduce or stop paper use, has to be applauded. Cloth napkins and tablecloths can be used again and again and if you hire the right linen services, then your linen will look as good as it was when you first bought it. The linen company you use will have environmental practices in place as well, so by using them you are also decreasing your carbon footprint.

Getting your hotel linen supplies from a reputable company is the right way to do business and it ensures that you have a steady supply of linens for your business even in the busiest of times.