Reasons Why Turkey is a Popular Menu on a Thanksgiving Dinner

Have you ever wondered why turkey is the start of every Thanksgiving dinner? It seems like the occasion will not be complete if there is no turkey on the table. Some families even end up fighting with each other if there is no turkey served.

There are different ways to cook the turkey, and it is impossible not to have anything made of turkey on the table. Whether it is a whole roasted turkey, turkey soup, or turkey sandwich, it is a must for every Thanksgiving dinner table to have one.

Turkeys are available locally

Turkey is native to North America and is one of the most popular birds available for daily consumption in the past. Even settlers in the Americas introduced turkey to other parts of the world. Over the years, turkey became a tradition during Thanksgiving because it is one of the easiest meat to find that everyone loves eating.

They’re everywhere

There was a time when the turkey was extremely popular because people can find them anywhere. They also don’t hesitate eating turkey for its meat, unlike chickens. People eat chicken eggs, and so they were not as popular as turkey for its meat. Even after Thanksgiving, people can still eat the eggs, and so they don’t want to serve chicken meat during the holiday.

Lincoln’s influence

Lincoln was the US president who officially declared Thanksgiving in the US. It became a nationwide holiday under his administration. His family had a tradition of having roasted turkey, and so a lot of people in the country attribute the popularity of turkey on him. It was also Lincoln who started the turkey presidential pardon tradition.

Turkey tastes great

Regardless of the reason behind why turkey is popular on the dinner table during Thanksgiving, one thing is for sure- it tastes great. Therefore, you can’t question why people insist on having turkey for this special celebration. It is also a massive bird with lots of meat that can feed a big family. Roasted turkey is the most popular turkey dish on the table, but it does not mean you can only eat this recipe for this celebration. You can also have other turkey dishes that are easy to prepare, and won’t require special skills in roasting.

You can dine outside instead

If you don’t want to face the challenge of preparing a turkey dish, you can eat out instead. You need not prepare the dishes anymore. You won’t worry that your parents will criticize the way you cook. You also need not feel pressure to finish the meals before everyone gets hungry. You can take the entire family in a restaurant, and enjoy the professionally made dishes. It still feels like home even if you decide to dine elsewhere.

Remember that a lot of people might also think of dining outside instead of preparing meals at home. Therefore, you need to make reservations before everyone else does. You can’t panic later when you did not prepare the dishes, and you can’t find any quality restaurant.