Quick review of Goodfood meal kits: Know the pros and cons

Food retail innovation is at its peak, and in all likeliness, you must have heard about meal kits. Meal kits basically pack a recipe together for you to cook. You get all the ingredients in measured proportions with the recipe – packed for freshness. Meal kits allow you to make your own meals without being dependent on delivery services. Some of the better services even offer gluten-free meals. In this post, we will review Goodfood, which is based out of Montreal.

The background

Goodfood, founded by Jonathan Ferrari and Neil Cuggy in 2015, was formerly known as Culiniste. Just like what you would expect from these services, Goodfood sends kits with the exact measure of ingredients in a refrigerated box along with cooking instructions. Since the box is refrigerated, you can get kits delivered even when you are not at home. Their delivery is available in most parts of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, and if rumors are to be believed, more areas are likely to be included.

How does it work?

Goodfoodrequires subscription, and you can choose between 7 recipes that are offered by them. You can choose anywhere between 2 to 4 recipes. The ingredients are packed in a box that has thermal protection and icepacks, so everything is fresh and can be stored for a week.

Should you choose this one?

In all fairness, Goodfood is a great option, but if you check for the other ones, such as Cook it, you may get additional choices, such as gluten-free meals or meats with no added hormones. The portion is also something you need to consider. Goodfood offers meals for either two or four people, while others like Cook it can offer 6 portions too. MissFresh also has similar choices, so there is enough flexibility. As far as pricing is concerned, Goodfood isn’t too expensive, but if you go for meals for four people or more, the cost can be a tad higher.

With all of that in mind, Goodfood isn’t a bad service and can compete with some of the best-known services in Canada. The meal options aren’t bad, and you get to store the package for at least a week, which is a plus. In case you want to find close competitors or alternatives, MissFresh and Cook it are great choices and have more meal options for larger families. Don’t eat out – get your meal kit now!