Incredible Items To Try From A BBQ Dinner Menu!

If you are a foodie, chances are high that you have already tried a bunch of different BBQ recipes. It would be rather unfair to place all kinds of barbecue recipes in one category. In fact, every region has its flavors, ways of margination and seasoning, and the cooking processes may also vary, although the essence remains the same. In this post, we will talk about the best BBQ recipes that you need to try, especially when you are craving for that authentic, global taste.

  • Beef ribs. Check for any known BBQ dinner menu Kansas City, you will find this on the list. Beef ribs are delight to say in simple words, and it is also amazingly attractive to look at. Usually, beef ribs are long, at least 6 inches, and are presented with amazing dips and sauces in some restaurants – a must have. This can be also called as beef short ribs.
  • Smoked chicken. Also called char-grilled chicken in some menus, this is a classic choice for anyone who wants to try leaner meats. Typically, the meat is cooked in some of chipotle BBQ sauce, and you can get a complete chicken on the table or just parts of it. Talk to the waiter to know what they have on offer.
  • Potato salad or baked potatoes. Most restaurants that serve steaks and BBQ items will have baked potatoes on their list. In some cases, you will find a potato salad, which includes barbecue sauces and mustard. This can be called a side, but when you are eating smoked meats, you need to have something that’s not that oily.
  • Smoked pork belly. Usually served with white bean cassoulet and onion straws, smoked and grilled pork belly is a delight for BBQ lovers. You will find a wide range of other pork items, but if there is one that must be tried, it has to be the belly that contains considerable fat and some lean protein.
  • Bacon wrapped meats. Many meats, including chicken, or fish or shrimp is wrapped in slices of bacon and make with BBQ sauce. Have it with some chipotle mayo, or you can also include some jalapeno-cilantro slaw. Bacon anyway adds a lot of flavor to any recipe, and it only adds to the BBQ experience.

Other things to try

You also need to try baked beans and sausages while trying BBQ dishes. Spare ribs are also something you need to try, and the flavors vary considerably in different regions. For example, in Texas, the meat is usually marinated with limited ingredients, while in Kansas City, you may have spare ribs with some sauce, usually chipotle or tomato sauce. Not to forget, you must try briskets, which again have a bunch of choices. Many restaurants now serve a bunch of other choices that are a mix of traditional BBQ and other recipes. From pulled pork to pepperjack cheese with toasted bread, you can enjoy a variety of combinations. Check online now and book your table – The ultimate BBQ experience awaits you!