How to Deal with Sticky Family Issues When Planning Your Family Reunion

Ask even the most experienced event planners and caterers, and they will tell you that organizing a family reunion isn’t a walk in the park. Whether you are planning a simple birthday party or the extended family reunion, planning events that involve family members can be the most challenging task in one’s life. There are a lot of reasons behind this notion, but the most significant one is that planning personal events will always involve an emotional component that is usually absent when planning corporate events.

It is always good to think about the sticky, awkward family situations that might come up and know how you can deal with such issues. Here are some tips to help you deal with sticky family issues when planning a family reunion.

Set Secure Boundaries

Since you know how most of your family members behave, make sure that you set secure boundaries and let everyone know what they can and can’t do during the reunion. Keep in mind that nothing is going to change and your family members will probably be the same old people that you know. Decide how much contact with them you need.

Are there certain family members that you can’t tolerate?  Are there specific relatives that you can handle in a group setting g but not in a one-to-one situation?  How much do you consider being too much? It is important to answer these questions before the family reunion and not during the gathering.

If you are working with Boca Raton catering experts, explain the situation to them and let them help you to come up with an ideal scenario that will make you feel comfortable. Would you be happy to organize a family reunion that you plan to leave after one, two, or three hours? Providing an excuse for a graceful exit during such events isn’t an option.

Find a Good Way of Navigating Through the Politics of Planning

Some family members will always have strong preferences and opinions and won’t be afraid to express them openly. Remember the fact that there will always be a broad range of interests that must be served while planning the family reunion. While some members may be open to the idea of hiring the services of a Boca Raton catering company to take charge of food matters during the gathering, others may reject the proposal flatly without giving any substantial reasons.

The best approach you can take is to identify the key players who will help you navigate through the initial stages of planning. Don’t be surprised when some family members who have never organized an event yell at you when they see the cost of the event. Listen to every individual and learn to compromise. If you feel like you are getting stuck, don’t be afraid to seek help from the other family members.

Avoid Jumping to Conclusions

More often than not, a small matter may turn into a difficult or awkward situation when somebody says something that you feel is inappropriate. But, how you respond to every statement directed at you will depend on how you interpret it. The truth is, misinterpretations do happen, and they can lead to physical confrontations with the other family members.

Therefore, if a family member says something to you, take your time to understand what he/she meant before you reply. Make sure that you ask yourself “Am I interpreting this statement the right way?” If you are unsure, ask them to pardon or explain what they meant. Being slow to judge and conclude is the best way to deal with certain issues that may come up during a family reunion.