Have You Ever Tried Smoked Eel?

More and more people are trying foods that might otherwise have never been mainstream only a decade ago. Despite the fact that eels have been part of a staple diet for centuries in many cultures, many more people are now coming around to them as a potentially exciting food that offers quite a number of recipe possibilities.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Food Sources

More and more people are looking to add sustainable foods that have minimal impact on the environment to their diet. As we fish some fish populations to near extinction and dedicate millions of square kilometres to the meat industry, it is essential that we find new sources of food that are both nutritious and eco-friendly.

The good news is that smoked eels, a common ingredient in a number of cultures, represent a sustainable food source that is also rich in vitamins and minerals. When well prepared, eels are also fantastic additions for a wide range of dishes. For anyone looking to add a nutritious and sustainable source of food to his or her diet, eels are ideal.

How to Use Eels in Your Cooking

If you have never eaten eels before, the good news is that their firm and meaty texture is the ideal companion ingredient in a wide range of common dishes. This means that the eel can be the star of the dish or part of the supporting cast. Here are a number of great dishes that feature eels:

  • Eel Salad: One of the most common ways to incorporate eel in a dish is to make a salad where it features. The eel salad is a great dish for newcomers to the wonder of the eel and is also a great dish to make that showcases the firm, meaty texture of the eel in all its glory. By including some classic salad ingredients such as beetroot and spring onion, the smoky and strong flavour of the eel can be lifted significantly. By adding some slices of orange, the palette can easily be sweetened and cleansed, making for a nice contrast of flavour profiles.
  • Eel Omelette: The flavour profile of the eel lends itself exceptionally well to the classic omelette. By adding slices of chorizo sausage, slices of smoked eel, parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs, the omelette will have a strong flavour that is especially savoury and pleasant. The eel itself is not oily and the firmness of if will complement very well the dairy ingredients.

The great thing about smoked eel is that it can be used in a wide range of popular dishes as either an added extra or a main feature. Eel represents an exciting, sustainably-sourced food that is ideal for anyone who wants to eat more ethically and eat something different.