Golden Corral Menu: Where Calories Count

If you always count the calories on your plate, you are not alone. It also means you are one of the many people who find it hard to dine outside. However, what if you knew that a juicy sirloin steak on the Golden Corral menu could serve you the calories you need minus the unwanted fat?

As you grow more cautious about calories, you also have to watch the fats going on your plate. Fortunately, Golden Corral has the same concern, and has crafted a menu that ensures you enjoy your meal while staying healthy.


A sizzling bowl of fresh soup is perfect to warm up the gut. Broccoli and cheese soup is a great choice packing 190 calories and 7 grams of fat. Milk and soy are used in giving the soup its authentic texture. Brunswick stew is another ideal choice for those who want fewer calories—around 130.

For those who love more veggies in their soup, the Vegetable beef soup is an excellent option. It has milk and wheat in it bringing the calories to around 170. If you want more of starch, the potato soup with bacon should warm you up nicely. The potato bacon combo brings the calories to around 200.

Beef Platters

You can never go wrong with a platter of barbecue beef and any side order of choice. Maybe you prefer your beef boneless too accompanied with one of the signature in-house sauces. You could go with the usual barbecue sauce or try something different like Au jus gravy or cranberry sauce.

If you are a lover of pastries, then you should definitely order the beef pot pie. A slice would pack around 190 calories, and it is best complemented with white queso cheese sauce. Alternatively, you can have your pie with a bowl of vegetable soup, salad dressing, or a fruit.

Chicken and Turkey

White meat is known to be a lean sauce of protein. Golden Corral Menu has plenty of chicken and turkey delicacies that pack no more than 280 calories. If you are new to the Golden Corral experience, you can play it safe with the baked bbq chicken legs with Alfredo sauce.

For some Japanese flare, the baked teriyaki chicken legs are to die for with a hint of soy and wheat in them.  A sweet and savory platter would be bourbon street chicken wings with a side serving of salsa or poultry gravy. All these platters pack calories that are within a manageable 350 cal.

How about some turkey? Turkey is tasty and packs lesser calories compared to chicken. The Golden Corral menu has specialties like the carved turkey breast garnished with soy sauce and served with salad, bread, or gravy. And if you really want to feel full, try the grilled turkey and cheese sandwich with a large glass of frothing shake. By the time you are done, you will be well under 170 calories.


The Golden Corral menu has healthy varieties of tantalizing meat platters. They have their full menu online so you can plan your meal ahead and have the peace of mind that you are dining within your calorie range.